Community Groups

God created us to be in relationship with him and others. To fully experience the Christian life we need community. At Covenant, we want to give everyone the opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with one another as a reflection of God's love for us. Community groups provide a wonderful context to do just that!

What is a Community Group?
A group of 10-15 people committed to living life together in gospel community. These groups gather weekly in homes or other venues for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. This is a context for connection and spiritual formation as we follow Jesus in community and live out the gospel missional through word and deed.

Pillars of a Community Group: 

  • Life Together – building community inside and out of community group meetings
  • Grace renewal stories and prayer – praising God for his grace and specifically praying for one another
  • Gospel intentionality – intentionally studying the word of God to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ from all the Scriptures

Blueprint for a Community Group Meeting:

  • Community – begin your meetings with an informal time of conversation and refreshments/meal
  • Sharing – after your time of refreshments or dinner gather the group for grace renewal stories and opening prayer for the time of conversation
  • Study – facilitate your group in a Bible based study 
  • Prayer – pray as one large group or smaller groups for the needs of the group and the application of the study time

Would you like to be in a community group? There is a place for you!

To join a group, please contact Linda at  .